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About Me

Producer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

I started my creative career back in 2005 when I branched off from IT to make industrial videos for ASU while I worked on my degree in economics.


Though I've admittedly always been more analytical than creative, I've always had a love for film that drove me to discover what that special "X" factor was in movies or TV shows that gets people so hooked into the story.  The more I worked on learning the creative process behind film-making, the more I loved the technical details about every role. Since then, I've worked as an editor, camera operator, director, visual effects artist, and producer.


After wearing so many hats on so many different projects, I found that I had a clear talent for Producing. That analytical side of me had been refined enough to allow me to quantify and define exactly what a story or production needed in order to give it that "X" factor that it could be missing.

I've cultivated a unique production background that includes several years of experience developing complex VR training simulations for VirTra, producing the video game Steven Universe: Unleash the Light for Apple Arcade, and have successfully combined the production process of a reality TV show with the look of a film in Dillon's upcoming docu-series: Jump and Gun.


All together, through Blackfield Entertainment I've helped produce a variety of mixed media including commercials, industrial videos, photo shoots, television pilots, films, pitch decks, script punch-ups, and even my own VR film software. My pursuits have lead me to becoming known as a producer that can solve nearly any technical production problem, all while keeping a high standard, and without breaking the budget. More than the work, I enjoy discovering an effective solution for every type of production, especially the ones that have never been attempted before. 






Best Pitch






Best Short Film

People's Pilot 2019

Working with a talented local writer, our TV pilot, #Bash, made it to the semi-finals in this national contest that recognizes underdog TV pilots.

Scriptation Showcase 2019

Scriptation, a software company, chose our TV pilot, #Bash, to proceed into the Semi-Finals of their yearly Television pilot contest.

NEXTV Writing & Pitch Competition 2012

After delivering my pitch for"Zombie Island," a reality TV show that featured zombie survival elements, I won first place in this national contest which lead to development meetings for the show at Fox and 3Ball productions.


MarCom Platinum Award 2011

Awarded for Best Promotional Video in 2011 for my editing and production of the PotashCorp 2011 Benefits News video.

Phoenix Fan Fest 2011

My short film "Children" won three awards, including Audience Favorite, and Best Short Film, at the film competition for Arizona's longest running Comi-con.

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